This past week for my birthday my husband took us on a Caribbean cruise! While cruising, I was searching on my kindle for something to read and decided on “Hurricanes in Paradise” by Denise Hildreth because it’s set in the Caribbean! I wanted a light read since I was on vacation, but still something with depth and this was perfect. It focuses on 4 women, strangers at first. Riley, a guest director at a hotel in the Bahamas, Laine, a snotty, rude author, Tamyra, a southern beauty queen, and Winnie, an aging, grieving widow from the South as well. These 4 women are all struggling with secrets, issues, and just a general sense of hurt within their hearts. Upon meeting at the hotel, their lives begin to weave together with each other and they learn more about each other as well as their own selves. Riley has moved from Charleston, SC with her young daughter to start her life fresh. She doesn’t want to open her heart up to another man, and she doesn’t really have any girl friends either. Laine at first is a bossy, judgmental brat, who is obviously struggling with something. By the end of the story though, my view of Laine definitely changed. Tamyra has done beauty pageants but after receiving life altering news that she has only shared with one person, she sells everything and gets away to the Bahamas. Winnie is an outspoken, heavy-set, southern principal  who will always speak her mind. She was “forced” to go on a vacation by her children and she is set on not enjoying it one bit. (Or at least, she won’t tell her kids she’s enjoying anything!) She was my favorite character! I felt all of the stories of the characters seemed real, like I could actually meet and be friends with these ladies. I enjoyed the fact that this book contained laughter and tears (of sadness and joy)! It also not only displayed how complete strangers with each emotional and physical baggage could come together and heal each other, but how Christ’s unwavering love heals us as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of Denise Hildreth Jones’ books.