It’s been way too long since I posted a book review! So lets get right to it. First off, I want to warn anyone reading this review that it HAS SPOILERS! I don’t usually include spoilers in my reviews, but I have so much to say about this one that it can’t be helped. Another warning, this review will be all over the place because I still can’t get my thoughts and emotions in line after finishing this book! Seriously, this series has taken over my life. I’m constantly looking at my family, friends, and co-workers and deciding what faction they could most fit in. Haha. I gave it 4.5 stars because I felt like the beginning dragged on, well just went kind of slow, then suddenly Jeanine is dead and they find the truth that has been hidden about outside the fence…. too quickly. I was kind of hoping Jeanine would be imprisoned, questioned  and tested on like Tris, because there’s still another book and Jeanine is already dead! Otherwise, I liked this book, but I liked Divergent a little more. 🙂

I want to start out with one of my favorite quotes from the book: “Grief is not as heavy as guilt, but it takes more away from you.” (Tris, p. 377) Tris has been through so much…from feeling like she betrayed her family when she chose Dauntless, to watching her parents die to help her, to having to shoot one of her best friends, Will, while he was under simulation. She feels so much pain-guilt, grief, despair… but I agree with her statement. You can feel terrible for hurting someone, being guilty for their pain, but the grief it causes you to feel hurts so much more.

One thing that really bothered me about Tris, though, is WHY THE HECK WAS SHE SO SUICIDAL?! Four values her as a lover, but also as someone who wants to honor those who lost their lives for her, but she just. does. not. care! She constantly lies to him, which, okay, in the end was a good thing, but I felt like she didn’t care how she hurt him. She acts so tough sometimes, but then falls apart, not even able to hold a gun anymore. I understand. She killed Will point blank. I get that. But the Tris I met in Divergent is not the same in Insurgent. That said, not being the same ended up being a good thing. I was getting annoyed with all her lies and stupid sacrificing herself, but she is a remarkable character. I began to realize she didn’t want to just be killed so she could be rid of the pain, but she felt she owed her parents and Will, and others who lost their lives when the Erudite attacked. On page 384 she finally sees that “I need to live my life in the light of their [her parents] deaths. I need to live.” THANK YOU, TRIS!

Also,  I totally suspected Caleb as a traitor from the start. Ugh! And Peter…don’t even get me started. But its like Fernando said, Jeanine has a way of persuading those who aren’t naturally suspicious. I just can’t believe Caleb was such a suck up to Jeanine!

What I found really interesting is how the Amity put peace serum in the bread…WHAAAAT? The part where they pretty much overdosed Tris on it was hilarious. I guess after how the book ended, it makes sense that they had to put the serum in there, because everyone was placed where they were. No wonder there are Divergents, and some people have to choose one faction over another, they can’t just conform wholly to a certain one! Now  I get it. haha.

I can’t wait to read Allegiant!