After reading Her Dark Curiosity I was in the mood to read something breezy that wouldn’t make me think too hard! ha! 🙂 So I spotted Irresistible on my bookshelf and started reading, and I was hooked right away. In the middle of reading, I searched for Susan Mallery on Goodreads and realized this book is part of a series. I had not read the first book, but I didn’t feel lost at all. The series focuses on the Buchanan family: three brothers, one sister, and a tyrant of a grandmother.  I do want to go back and read the first book in this Buchanan’s series, the story of Cal and Penny. I figured this would be a good book, but just a lighthearted, sexy breeze read. It was that, but it actually had some depth to it as well. Elissa has had a rough time but she’s powered through all the struggles that have come her way, and is making a good life for her and her daughter, Zoe. Walker has recently left the Marines and is battling demons as well. From the moment they meet the chemistry between Elissa and Walker is ridiculous and I loved it! Elissa has sworn off sex and men period and wants to focus on herself and Zoe only. Walker doesn’t think he’s worth being in a relationship with either, so the two go back and forth between flirting and getting irritated that the other is in their business!  I loved how Walker was very gentleman-like towards Elissa, always trying to help, yet claiming he didn’t want a relationship. *suuuurrre* I thought this book was the perfect mix of steamy, sexy, sweet, anger-inducing (NEIL & GLORIA!!) precious (Walker with Zoe), and heartwarming all in one. The scenes between Elissa and Walker (o_O) made the book un-put-down-able and I kept reading wanting them to finally admit they were in love! I really liked the family dynamics between Walker and his siblings, as well as how they embraced Zoe and Elissa as one of their own. The relationship between Elissa, Zoe, and Mrs. Ford was very sweet and relatable as well.  I definitely look forward to reading the others in this series.