I won this through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway!

This is a difficult book to review because while I liked it, I didn’t love it. I did like the magical realism aspects tossed in, such as the healing powers of Mercy’s concoctions, which reminded me of Sarah Addison Allen’s books, but the fierceness of June  also reminded me of Ron Rash’s book Serena. June is power hungry, she is the mill owners wife, so she has to go through life in a hard shell to seem worthy of that position. Cal, June’s husband, is harboring secrets, not only his, but those of his father’s. The Snow family, who everyone in town sees as no-good trash, are caught in the middle of one of Cal’s secrets. June, even though her marriage to Cal is in shambles, sets out to make the Snow’s life a living hell and run them out of town as to protect Cal’s secret. I thought Mercy was a very strong character, being so young and forced to care for her brother and sister with no money or decent place to live. Leading up to the climax I felt the book dragged on, and then when everything culminated and the secrets were out it was so sudden and abrupt ending. I did NOT like the ending- I felt how Tiffany Baker chose to have June restart her life didn’t seem plausible for how headstrong she was. Overall this was an enjoyable, quick read and I recommend it if you enjoy mysteries, or magical realism.