First, a special thank you to Mr. DiBenedetto for sending me a free copy of his book!

Dream Student is about Sara Barnes, a college student in the late eighties, who starts having disturbing nightmares about murders that end up being true. I love the premise, an other-worldly, psychic kinda deal, but the writing was very difficult to handle. I felt there was a lot of excess dialogue, description, what have you, that could have been left out. For example, pretty much every time Sara and her friends go to the school cafeteria to eat, there’s always discussion about how much the food sucks and everyone ends up eating cereal. Every. Time. And sometimes it read like a middle school diary, like each act of the day was blatantly spelled out. Other than those issues with how the story flowed, I did enjoy this novel. I especially liked the romance between Sara and Brian, and the friendship between Sara and Beth. Both her boyfriend and friend were so supportive of her nightmares and they all worked together to figure out a cause or a solution. I did have the killer pegged early on in the book; but it was still interesting to see the friends work together and put an end to it. I would like to read the others in this series because I like the idea of seeing into other people’s dreams, and also because each one seems to build off the others,continuously  developing Sara’s relationships. I thought the author did a great job of portraying the terror Sara felt while having such nightmares, like when she bit the arm off of her stuffed animal. It was also neat that she was able to think back into her dreams and visualize pivotal details about the scene, that ultimately led to the capture of the dream murderer! Thank you again to the author!