Thank you to Aven Ellis for sending me a free ecopy of this wonderful book! And, thank you to Laura Kenyon for hosting the interview of Aven that ultimately led to me getting to enjoy this book! Check out Laura’s blog: She usually hosts author interviews weekly that feature amazing authors with very interesting novels…and, she’s an author herself, with a super exciting book, Desperately Ever After. 

Now! On to the book….

Waiting for Prince Harry is about Kylie Reed, a young woman in her mid twenties who loves to sew, bake brownies, stay in on weekends, and take silly pop quizzes. Basically, she’s me. Except for the sewing part…but we’re both homebodies! Kylie is obsessed with the ginger Prince Harry (who can blame her!) She hates confrontation, and is always dreaming about how to make her future life perfect….without dealing with the present.

I just love this book. While Kylie is dreaming and lusting over Prince Harry, the only person I visualized while reading was Kevin McKidd…aka Owen from Grey’s Anatomy. *swoon*

Kevin McKidd, Hot Scottish ginger
Kevin McKidd, Hot Scottish ginger
The Actual Prince Harry, hottie ginger prince

Kylie stumbles into a mysterious red head in a bar named Harrison, thinking it will never lead anywhere, but she couldn’t be more wrong. I thought both Kylie and Harrison’s characters were very well developed, easy to relate to, and believable. Anyone who knows a redhead knows they have a temper, usually nothing serious, but definitely an outburst every once in a while! So whenever Harrison felt betrayed or anything, his temper flared, making him super relatable, but still so lovable. He is a filthy rich, philantropist, hockey playing sweetheart though! I definitely saw myself being friends with Kylie…or being her. She hates confrontation, instead sometimes goes with what people want her to do instead of what she knows she wants instead. I loved how Aven built up the romance between the two. At first they both wanted to just be friends, but the chemistry was so strong between them sparks were flying all the time! This book made my emotions run crazy…I felt anger, sadness, hope, happiness… but ultimately joy from finishing this novel!  I hope there’s a sequel!