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Book Review: Splintered by A.G Howard-5 Stars

If you’re looking for a book that’s equal parts romance, suspense, magic, and twisted fantasy, I suggest this book! One of the booktubers I watch has been raving about this book and it was already on my TBR, so I decided to get it from the library, and I was not disappointed! 1- The cover. splintered Awesome!! 2-A twisted retelling of Alice in Wonderland? I’m in!


Alyssa is your average high school girl. She’s got a sworn enemy, Taelor, a huge crush on the boy next door, Jeb, and she loves to skateboard. Except for the fact that bugs and plants talk to her, and she’s a descendant of THE Alice….

Splintered takes what you thought you knew of Wonderland and completely turns your world upside down. The White Rabbit is actually Rabid White…a skeletal grotesque creature! Alyssa’s mom is in a mental institution and after an extremely scary visit, Alyssa realizes she has to find Wonderland to save her mom, and the rest of her family. Along the way Alyssa remembers aspects of this place from her childhood dreams…but begins to realize not all is as it seems in Wonderland. Alyssa is a very likable, relatable MC who is torn between good and evil, with 2 dreamy suitors to choose from as well! We have loveable, loyal Jeb, and the deceitful, but beautiful Morpheus. And there’s Alyssa, a blend of both worlds. A.G Howard did an AMAZING job with detail and description. I really felt like I was surrounded by the creatures and plant life of Wonderland. A neat fact that I enjoyed, and felt kept everything tied together was the town Alyssa lived in, called Pleasance. Pleasance is actually the middle name of Alice Liddell, the inspiration behind Lewis Carroll’s story. There’s also lots of references to butterflies in the story, and you’ll see why that’s interesting once you read it! I can’t wait for the others in this trilogy!

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