*I received an uncorrected Beta version of the book The Passage by the author in exchange for an honest review.*



I’d had this book on my Goodreads TBR for several months before Nabille asked if I would like to review it…so of course I was super excited because it sounded so good! The book is about a virtual world called Lumen, and a world called Zero where it’s citizens must deal with radiation in the air while they try to survive. In order to be lucky enough to live in Lumen, participants must complete 4 zones in The Passage. You can either complete all 4 tests successfully and live in Lumen, go to university, etc., females can be purchased by a man before having a chance to fail in The Passage, or, die. Kino, the main character, has trained for this moment her entire life. She doesn’t really want to be bought by a man, but sometimes, that’s the only means of surviving. While reading this I felt it reminded me of The Hunger Games and I book I recently finished called Elusion. It reminded me of THG because everyone is fighting to be the winner, and Elusion because that novel focuses on a virtual reality as well. I felt the way Nabille portrayed Kino’s teammates was excellent. I got a sense of connection and understanding with each of her friends as a whole, and individuals. I would like to see more of Axel’s background fleshed out in the following book. I really liked Neal’s character, and the interactions between Neal and Kino!

This novel of course had errors and repetitive passages, but I know since it’s a Beta version that will be corrected, so that did not affect my rating or enjoyment of this book at all. The reason for only 4 stars instead of 5 is because I felt the ending was very rushed and there wasn’t much build up to a certain shocker (which I am leaving out to avoid spoilers) but overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and can’t wait for the next book in the series! If you’re looking for a dystopian with romance, fantasy, and surprise all rolled into one, I recommend The Passage!