Okay, so I actually didn’t finish this book. I requested it from Edelweiss/Blogging for Books, because I’d had it on my TBR for a while and thought it sounded good. I was wrong. Even though I didn’t finish it, I still want to give my (brief) thoughts…


The Execution of Noa P. Singleton focuses on Noa, a female inmate awaiting her execution date for the killing of Sarah Dixon ten years prior. Sarah’s mother Marlene shows up with Oliver, a lawyer who, together, think they can get clemency for Noa because apparently Marlene doesn’t believe in the death penalty anymore, she just wants answers. There was so much useless information and all these big words that felt like they were just dumped into a paragraph for show. I will say that I enjoyed the interactions in the beginning with Noa and her father, as they were starting to get to know each other. I wish I felt like I could power through and finish this book, but there are so many great books awaiting me that I can’t waste my time on something I’m not in to.

Have you read The Execution of Noa P. Singleton?  Let me know what you thought!