Book Review

Book Review: Branded by Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki-4 Stars

I received this book via NetGalley for review.


Summary on Goodreads.

Branded tells the story of Lexi, who has been branded with a blue band of lust, a sin she knows is false, but hasn’t the courage to say otherwise. The story is set some 50 years after World War V, in a world where those who have committed one of the Seven Deadly Sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride) are condemned to a life in the Hole. The Commander decided having these hardened criminals out in society was a horrible thing, so he brands them all on their neck with corresponding colors of their sins and they wait out the remainder of their days in the working “city” known as the hole. Sinners are expected to work, obey the guards, and pretty much fend for themselves. What’s crazy is, we are all sinners. The Commander is committing the sin of pride and wrath by condemning who he wants to submit to his authority. Who gives one MAN the power to determine who is worse than another? I may be reading too much into it, but I sensed some biblical undertones, of someone wanting to be a “savior” to the sinners, but in his own twisted way.

This novel was really gruesome, but I felt that the story had to have the gory parts because it really transported me to the life in the Hole. The authors did an amazing job with detail and explaining the history of the Hole. Lexi’s father, before he died, was a well-known advocate for sinners, trying to put an end to the Commander’s reign. Lexi is constantly thinking of him, and even though she suffers in the Hole daily, her father’s motto “You can survive anything, short of death” keeps her going.  This book has drama, suspense, romance, and action all packed into one exciting read! Oh, and there is also a super-precious puppy dog, Zeus. 😉 I loved the development between Lexi and Cole-a forbidden romance ooh ohhhhh!  Lexi was an incredibly strong woman, and I really enjoyed her character. I seriously loved Cole! I thought several supporting characters, like Bruno and Sutton. The ending of this book was WILD!

I can’t wait for the sequel! Have you read Branded? Do you want to? Let me know!


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