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Make Up by Michelle Phan-3 Stars

I received a free copy of this book via Blogging for Books.

Synopsis on Goodreads.

I looooove makeup. I love watching beauty gurus on Youtube, Mish being one of them. I love how she can completely transform herself with makeup and a wig!

Basically, this book is Michelle’s take on makeup (of course), style, and other aspects of one’s life. It was a breezy read, but I would only recommend it  for young teens, or early beginners at makeup. Now, I’m no professional makeup artist but I know enough and I feel pretty confident in my makeup looks. I honestly didn’t really learn anything new from this book. She explains each product like you are a newbie at makeup, which is great, for newbies, but when I’m reading a whole paragraph on what foundation is/does when I have known for 10 years, I get bored. She gives advice on manners, job hunting, dressing for work, etc. She seems like a genuinely sweet, down to earth young woman who I can see put a lot of effort into this book like she does in her Youtube videos, I just guess I expected more makeup how-tos and new eye shadow looks to try, etc. from this book.

My favorite parts were learning more about her childhood and early life as opposed to any of the actual beauty aspects. I also liked how her writing style seemed very easy going, like chatting with a friend.  Like I mentioned before, I think the people who would benefit most from this are young girls or those who are very new to makeup.

Book Review

Book Review: Eyes on You by Kate White- 5 Stars

The book that got me out of my reading slump! I started this the other day and finished it all last night. I was so into the book I didn’t even take notes, or think about what I wanted to blog about, I just focused on reading and enjoying the story. I think that’s good to do, because sometimes before I would catch myself reading and only focusing on what I would put into my book review, and not really focus on the story. I had to stop and remember the reason I created this blog was because I enjoy writing, and reading, and it should never become a chore or something I feel like I HAVE to do. That said, I loved this book so much and of course I’m going to review it! 😉

Check it out on Goodreads.

LOVE Kate White. I’ve read all of her Bailey Weggins mysteries in the series except for the newest one. Her books are full of suspense, romance, and a bad-A heroine. “Eyes on You” is a stand alone that follows the story of Robin Trainer, a successful author and TV anchor. When mysterious things start happening to Robin following her successes, she begins to feel like she’s going crazy and has to get to the bottom of who’s pulling all these horrible stunts on her?? Props to Ms. White because I did not figure out who the bad person was until the very end when it was actually revealed. I kept going back and forth between suspects and even questioning Robin herself (like she does, you’ll understand when you read it).

Ms. White developed all the characters superbly. Robin is a sexy, successful woman, but she appreciates the help of a knight in shining armor, and isn’t on a high horse about her success. She knows she is awesome, but she also knows her bounds and not get a huge ego. My other favorite character was Alex. A handsome, somewhat mysteriously vague coworker, I found myself at times questioning his innocence, but ultimately enjoyed the growing relationship between he and Robin.

Overall, a fast paced, exciting, keep you guessing read once again by Kate White! I can’t wait to read another by her. Have you read any of Kate White’s books? Also, have you ever felt the same way about reading/writing/blogging? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Book Review

Book Review: The Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane-4 Stars


I’ve been in a serious reading slump lately, but I did want to do a brief review on a fun journal I received from Blogging for Books.

I really enjoy watching the show Sleepy Hollow so I knew I had to read this journal! I love Ichabod in the show-he is so clueless at times to this time period but still so intelligent and I really felt his voice coming through in the journal. I like how this is a journal type book and not just a novel because you really get a sense that Ichabod wrote this journal, or was writing it, while he experiences crazy new phenomena with Abby Mills. If you enjoy watching the TV show and you also like to read, I really recommend this journal because it’s a fun retelling of the series!

Thanks to all of my followers….I really hate not posting frequent reviews but I just have been so burnt out. Stick with me, and soon I will be back to my normal self and reading and reviewing! 🙂