I’ve been in a serious reading slump lately, but I did want to do a brief review on a fun journal I received from Blogging for Books.

I really enjoy watching the show Sleepy Hollow so I knew I had to read this journal! I love Ichabod in the show-he is so clueless at times to this time period but still so intelligent and I really felt his voice coming through in the journal. I like how this is a journal type book and not just a novel because you really get a sense that Ichabod wrote this journal, or was writing it, while he experiences crazy new phenomena with Abby Mills. If you enjoy watching the TV show and you also like to read, I really recommend this journal because it’s a fun retelling of the series!

Thanks to all of my followers….I really hate not posting frequent reviews but I just have been so burnt out. Stick with me, and soon I will be back to my normal self and reading and reviewing! 🙂