Summary on Goodreads.   Anna is a high school senior whose *horrible* dad (sarcasm) enrolls her in boarding school in Paris, at the School of America. Anna’s dad is an author who writes “novels set in Small Town Georgia about folks with Good American Values who Fall in Love and then contract Life-Threatening Diseases and Die.” When I was in middle school I read Lurlene McDaniel’s books all. the. time, and this description reminded me of those books!! I ate those books up like candy and absolutely loved them, but they are seriously just like the description of Anna’s dads’ books! Haha. Anna doesn’t know French, is dreading boarding school, and she feels all alone after leaving her best friends back in Atlanta. Basically, this is a contemporary young adult romantic fiction that left me fangirling, but it also had substance. I really liked the development of Anna’s character, and the secondary characters as well! I loved her friends- Josh, St. Clair, Meredith, and Rashmi. I felt that I could connect with Anna and the relationships she had with her friends…and later with Étienne. None of the character developments fell flat, in my opinion. I cried with Anna when she found out Bridge was dating Toph and didn’t tell her, I got mad with her when stupid Amanda Spitterton-Watts picked on her, and fell in love with Étienne just like she was. Yes this is a young adult romance, and I’m almost 26, but I honestly love this book so much. It didn’t feel young; the characters didn’t seem childish. Étienne is a British/American/French Masterpiece.  Anna is a dorky (in a cute way) southern girl, who loves movies, and is frequently in uncomfortable situations. Together, they are perfect! ❤ These are my picks for Étienne and Anna harry 3.178268         I know a lot of readers hate insta-love. But I can’t get enough of it. I LOVE INSTA LOVE! There was insta love in Anna and the French Kiss, but the book still had a plot. It wasn’t all happiness. Bad things did happen. Friendships became rocky. But that is real life, and I felt that even though it was insta love, it progressed realistically. It wasn’t just about the love between 2 teenagers. Yeah, that’s a major part of this book and I loved it, but it was also about growing as a person, and understanding life, and yourself. About treasuring your friends and finding what you value most, what brings you joy. Anna and the French Kiss is funny, sweet, romantic, and just pure enjoyable!   I highly recommend this one! I can’t wait to read the other 2 books in this series. I need to know more about Anna and Étienne! anna&thefrenchkisI love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadows and the soul.” 10013-i-love-you-as-certain-dark-things-are-to-be-loved-in-secret_380x280_widthFor the two of us, home isn’t a place. It’s a person. And we’re finally home.”