Review from Goodreads.


HOT DANG. This book. This book is a ROLLER COASTER! Blaire has been taking care of her sick mother for years until she passes away, and Blaire has no house, no money, and nobody. Her dad ran out on them after a car accident that killed Blaire’s twin. Since she has no other options, Blaire calls her piece of crap dad to see if she can stay with him, just until she can get stable. The night she arrives at her “dad’s” she runs into Grant-whom, I’m not gonna lie, at first, I was pulling for him, and wanted him to be her love interest! She pulls a gun on him, because you know, he’s a strange dude that just yanked her truck door open! I loved Blaire from that moment on. She’s headstrong and tough, but she knows when she’s at her breaking point and that something’s gotta give. You can connect with Blaire. I would want to be her friend!

I very quickly got over Grant, and moved onto Rush…

At first, Rush is a total JERK. But so sexy. Oh, the struggle. He is so complex and complicated. There were times when I just wanted to punch him, but alas, he had to go and do something sweet. or sexy. or sexy sweet. Rush is Blaire’s dad’s new wife’s son. HA! But really. Blaire’s father is surprisingly not at home when Blaire arrives looking for help, so she’s there with Rush, who, with the persuasion of Grant decides to let Blaire stay. Little do we know how bad Rush needed Blaire to stay away…

The relationship between Rush and Blaire is tumultuous. Blaire is this innocent, sweet girl, and Rush is a jaded, rocker, bad A, but they go sooooo good together. HOLY COWWWWW the moments between these two…I honestly can’t form a completely coherent blog post for this book because I love this book so much it hurts! I didn’t just love Blaire and Rush,  I loved the supporting characters also! Grant, Woods, Bethy… but Nan. OH how I hate Nan. Does anyone like that chick? Yeah I know, she went through some crap, but so did Blaire, and she doesn’t act like a spoiled little witch.

At the ending, when secrets are revealed, and Blaire is once again in the middle of heartbreak, I was so done. My heart is shattered!

Seriously, this book has very mature scenes, so be warned. But it’s not just that. It’s also about learning how to heal, stepping outside your comfort zone, and about love and friendship. I can not wait to get my grabby little hands on the other books in this series! This book sealed the deal for me, and I will forever read anything by Abbi Glines!