Book Review

Book Review: Kissing Shakespeare by Pamela Mingle-1 Star



Kissing Shakespeare is about a teenage girl named Miranda who gets yanked back in time, to Shakespeare’s era (pre THE Shakespeare) by a boy named Stephen. I’m thinking OOOH yeah, I love Shakespeare, I love romance, I love time travelly books, I’ll love this one! Nope. I don’t love it. I don’t hate it,but I do regret spending $3 on it at my local used bookstore. This should have been a quick read, but ended up taking me almost a week to finish because there were points I was so bored I didn’t want to finish it, but for some reason I kept going!

For a book to be titled Kissing Shakespeare, there’s not a whole lot of Shakespeare going on in this book! I was really disappointed. The book mainly focused on Miranda (also known as Olivia, Stephen’s real sister? Confusing, I know.) and Stephen. Stephen has brought Miranda back to his time in 16th century England,to save Shakespeare. Events could unfold that would mean his plays never were thought about. Miranda has to be the one to make sure that doesn’t happen. Her parents are actors in Shakespeare’s plays, and the night Miranda was whisked away, she herself was acting in The Taming of the Shrew. In order to save Shakespeare from becoming a Jesuit, thus resulting in him never becoming THE Shakespeare, Stephen’s plan is to have Miranda seduce him. Except, she’s never seduced anyone in her life. I thought this book was just confusing, dull, and slow paced. I dislike writing bad reviews, but I can’t love everything I read! 🙂