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Book Review: The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis-5 Stars


Once again I had the pleasure of reading the newest book by Aven Ellis, The Definition of Icing!  The reason I love reading Aven’s books is because they are lighthearted, easy to relate to, and you just get the warm fuzzies when you read anything by her! Her characters are always real, relatable, and have the best blossoming romances.

The Definition of Icing is another book in the Dallas Demons Hockey Romance series, after Waiting for Prince Harry. I love how we reconnect with Harrison and Kylie in  The Definition of Icing!

Kenley runs Confection Consultations, her own business that teaches people the art of chocolate. She is able to source all kinds of ingredients and chocolates for her business to help restaurants, party planners, and the like, have the best and most unique chocolate desserts possible. She’s always been known for her looks-sunkissed skin, wavy blond hair, and blue eyes-but she wants to be known for her knowledge and her heart.

Nate is the newest player for the Dallas Demons. Nate has dark brown hair and espresso colored eyes *Swoon* and of course a supremely muscular, tatted up hockey bod! Can we just….tyler-seguin


The first encounter Kenley and Nate have is at a photo shoot where she is presenting her chocolates for a Valentine’s Day shoot for Dallas Details. Kenley is being forced by the photographer and director to dress seductively when Nate shows up and tells them she can wear whatever she wants, will be in his photo shoot, and if they don’t agree and she walks out, he does too! I love this part because Kenley doesn’t need saving and Nate knows she’s no damsel in distress but he’s just such a good guy he wants to help her.  Kenley asks Nate to dinner to thank him, even though she’s on a man sabbatical, and he turns her down!

Both of them had been hurt in previous relationships, and just wanted to be friends. But the chemistry and flirting kinda made that impossible! As with all of Aven’s books, the relationship between Nate and Kenley just feels so real! It’s not one of these romances that is too good to be true. It is real! They have inside jokes, (“Bae” (LOLOLOL), eating curry chocolate) they each have their own passions and are confident and supportive of each other’s dreams. I loved how their relationship developed from a playful friendship to passionate true love. ❤

Nate loves animals, (is there anything cuter than a handsome man and a puppy??) is good with children, is passionate, driven, sexy, and romantic. Kenley loves animals, chocolate, strives more than anything to get others to see HER and not her looks, is also driven in her career, and beautiful inside and out. How could they not be perfect together! They’ve both had shattered hearts and had to start from the bottom to get themselves where they are now, but that’s what makes them mesh so well. Their love healed them.

I think this book has been the funniest so far of Aven’s books! When Kenley updated her Connectivity status instead of sending a private message to her sister…. I was literally dying. I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard! This book also wins my heart with all of the characters. I loved them all, even CiCi and Holly towards the end of the book. Kenley’s sister Amanda was so great, and her daughter Claire cracked me up! Lexi, Kenley’s best friend, was also someone I could see myself being best friends with! I’m telling you, Aven’s writing makes you feel like you’re inside the story because the  people and circumstances are so real. Oh and I totally had a craving for French toast and bacon truffles after reading this book! Go download it to your e-reader NOW! And get some chocolate handy.


My most favorite Aven Ellis book is Connectivity, but The Definition of Icing is coming up as #2 fave!

Oh, and just so you know-

The Definition of Icing: A delicious, sweet coating for baked goods. Like iced sugar cookies.–Kenley

The Definition of Icing: Not sweet. When the puck is shot into the other end from behind the center red line and the opposing player gets to the face-off circle first–Nate


*This book was kindly gifted to me from the author. All opinions are my own!*

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