Book Review

Book Review: The D.U.F.F. by Kody Keplinger- 4.5 Stars


I received a copy of this book via Netgalley; thank you!

I loved this book. Biana is your typical teen. She’s relatable, she has problems, she’s not a fake “teen” in some YA books that you are left seriously wondering what teen the author based them off of. Also, how awesome that the author wrote The DUFF when she was like, 17?!

At first I was appalled- that Wesley kept calling Biana Duffy to her face, and, even though it bothered her, she didn’t say anything. I’ve only been out of highschool for 8 years, but I can remember how much it sucked. Sure yeah I had my friends and I liked learning, but depending on where you’re at and who you’re with, everyone at one point is the DUFF. The lesser pretty, lesser cool person in that crowd at that moment. The DUFF portrayed high school perfectly. The ending was great, and it’s a relief to read something so real and to the heart even if it hurts sometimes, because you know there’s better days ahead, and you can’t label 1 person in particular a whore, a DUFF, etc. simply because we all have secrets and screw ups. EVERYONE has insecurities, some people are just better at covering them up than others.

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