Goodreads Summary

You Can Trust Me is about Livy Jackson, who, with her two young children, find her best friend Julia dead when they arrive for Sunday lunch. Everyone is convinced, due to the evidence, that it was suicide, but Livy just can’t accept that. There are a couple mysteries intertwined in this novel. Livy lost her sister when she was in college and the killer was never caught, and now Julia has apparently committed suicide, but things aren’t as they seem.

This book was extremely slow paced. For over 50% of the book it dragged on and on. There were way too many people who could be pinned as a suspect, which I don’t really like in mysteries. That said, I figured out the suspect maybe 80% of the way through, but second guessed myself! The reason I  gave it 3 stars is because it moved too slowly for my liking, but we finally got some action, only to get to the end and be seriously ticked off because I wanted to know WHY he did what he did, and I also wanted Livy to find out what Brooke was calling her about!

In this book I seriously could not trust hardly anyone. That is the redeeming quality I found after it dragged on so long, it messes with your mind. I started to say “oh he’s the killer”, “no she’s the killer!” At one point I thought it would be one of those books where the main character is crazy and has imagined all this stuff with her schizophrenic self! I did not really like any of the characters except Zack and Damian. Hannah was a huge brat, Livy was irresponsible and obsessed, Will was a dirtbag, and Robbie was creepy. I even started to dislike Julia because she kept SO MUCH STUFF from her supposed best friend. The other thing I did like was how some chapters were actually written from the killer, like a diary entry, which was very interesting.

Overall, I didn’t really care for this book. I usually like psychological thrillers, but this one unfortunately didn’t appeal to me.

*I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!*