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February 2016

Book Review: To Rome With Love by Mandi Benet- 5 Stars

AH! This book was SOOOO good. Steamy, sexy, sweet, and delicious! And that cover!

TO ROME WITH LOVE_200x300.jpg - hi res

To Rome With Love tells the story of Gabriela and Silvio who are both going through divorces after their spouses cheated. Gaby is taking some time to visit her best friend Maria, and her husband Carlo, in Rome, where she meets the rude and arrogant Silvio, Carlo’s cousin. They end up working together catering Carlo’s daughters wedding, spending time grocery shopping, cooking, and sightseeing, per Maria’s demands!

Silvio has a face that has been “finely carved by the angels”, educated in art history at Oxford, and the kind of sexy that knows he’s sexy. Gaby is a chef, with curves in all the right places,  curly blond hair, unique lilac eyes, but sees herself inadequate and unsexy compared to other women. And she’s sure to let Silvio know when he’s being rude and arrogant! I really liked Gaby’s personality. She was real and genuine.

The two can’t deny the chemistry between them no matter how much they want to. They frustrated me so much though! The passion between them was {HOT} & incredible, but every single time one of them had to go and screw things up, can’t they just admit to each other that they’re in love?! Gaby doesn’t want to get in a relationship and have her heart crushed again, especially by another Italian man. As for Silvio, Gaby is unlike any woman he’s ever been interested in and that scares him. Can they just enjoy the time they have, no strings attached, no labels? Or do they feel they have something more?

The writing style and descriptions were beautiful. One of my favorite lines describes the moon as a “scoop of tangerine sorbet” hanging in the sky. While stunningly descriptive, the author is also hilarious: Gaby’s friend Sandy goes on a date expecting Channing Tatum and ends up with Friar Tuck! This was a novel that completely captured me and I did not want to stop reading! If you’re looking for a sexy, fun read with the luscious setting of Italy, this is the one!

The author sent me a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. Please let there be a sequel! Thank you Mandi!

To Rome With Love is available for pre-order now here and releases February 10 on Amazon!



Book Review: The Forgotten Recipe by Amy Clipston-4 Stars

Summary on Goodreads

I love reading Amish fiction. Their lifestyle and tight-knit family dynamic really interests me. I especially enjoy Amish romances, and this one was wunderbaar.

In The Forgotten Recipe, Veronica Fisher is dealing with the heartache of losing her fiance Seth Lapp in a work related accident. Veronica is so heartbroken and grief stricken she feels like she has to keep herself busy, and while cleaning the attic she comes across some of her grandmother’s old recipes and sets out making raspberry pies. Eventually she sets up a roadside bake-stand since her pies are so popular!

Jason Huyard and Seth were friends and coworkers, and he blames himself for Seth’s death. Seth talked about his fiance so much that Jason felt he knew her even though they’d never met. He wants to tell Veronica he understands her pain and grief, but the instant he sees her at the bake-stand, with her beautiful light blue eyes, he can’t bring himself to mention Seth. Over time they are sharing jokes, walks, stone skipping lessons and weather reports, and becoming very close.

Veronica is afraid to ever fall in love again in fear of forgetting Seth’s memory, but Jason is so sweet, funny, and kind, it was hard to keep her heart guarded. I really liked Veronica’s sisters as they were understanding and encouraging, but wouldn’t let Veronica mope around and be unhappy, yet they weren’t forceful.

As the romance developed I found myself worrying because of Jason’s withholdings. I can understand Veronica’s anger at feeling used and lied to, but I can also understand how Jason didn’t want to scare her away after he felt they both were falling in love with each other.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable novel and I can’t wait to continue the “Amish Heirloom” series.

I received a free copy of this book via Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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