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Book Review: Poisoned Apples|Poems for You, My Pretty-poetry by Christine Heppermann-5 Stars

poisoned apples


This was a dark but raw and real book of poetry that takes fairy tales and transforms them into poems that invoke thoughts and feelings of teen/adult women regarding their bodies and how they perceive themselves as well as how they think they’re perceived by others. Some of these poems were funny, bluntly so, but as a whole, they were disturbing but hauntingly relevant.

The one I enjoyed the most was titled “Nature Lesson” which I interpret as being a response to pigs saying rape  is a woman’s fault based on how she’s dressed. The captivating last lines read: “We say that if a hiker strays off the path, trips, and winds up crippled, is it really the canyon’s fault?”

From abuse and anorexia to self harm and self-loathing, Poisoned Apples seems to reveal some of the innermost thoughts of females and puts them in beautiful writing aside chilling images.

The author’s note is a great wrap up to this collection: “Maybe she’s a prisoner of a story she’s heard all her life—that fairest means best, or that bruises prove she is worthy of love. But here’s a great thing about stories: they can be retold.”

I would recommend this book to anyone-male or female, but especially young women as the constant battle to be “better” or “different” runs rampant in the hearts and brains of young girls as they mature.


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