Book Review

Book Review: If I Run by Terri Blackstock: 3 Stars


if i run

I loved this book at the beginning. It starts off with Casey rinsing blood out of her shoes and packing necessities into a bag, ready to run. Her friend Brent has been murdered. The crime scene is covered in blood, which, Casey steps in, moves around in, instead of calling 911. Her friend is dead and she decides the best thing is to go on the run?? From the book blurb we as readers already assume her innocence, but she knows that doesn’t matter. The police have let her down before, so why trust any of them now? When Casey was 12, she comes home to find her father had hanged himself. For years she questioned and doubted that he committed suicide, but no one believed her.

She buys bus tickets for certain cities, but gets off several towns before her destination. She buys several different disposable cell phones at different stores. It seems like she truly is a psychopath, as she knows all the ways to hide. Either that, or she just watches too much Criminal Minds.

Anyway, then I started to get annoyed. Casey was reckless and stupid. Why in THE HECK does she go to all that trouble to hide and then want to help save the missing girl (No spoilers) and risk everything? I get that if she can’t help herself, she wants to help someone else who desperately needs it. But does she really think she can truly ever escape, using a dead girl’s identity, on the lam in the same country, working, and all that, and truly stay under the radar? That will never work!

I gave this story 3 stars as opposed to anything less becauseΒ it sucked me in and kept my attention, but shortly after I figured out who the killer was, Β I got ticked off at Casey’s stupidity, and then the ending-that ending made me regret reading this book to begin with. Hopefully this has a sequel and I will probably read it, because that ending sucked and just really did nothing for me. It was completely unbelievable.


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