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Book Review: Trivial Pursuits by Aven Ellis-5 Stars


trivial pursuits

TriviaPlayOrPass!: Who writes the best contemporary hockey romance novels?

What does a tattooed, cat loving, elementary school volunteering, sexy black haired hockey player and a beautiful platinum blond, jewelry making, Zingers addicted, kale loving girl have in common? The addictive online trivia game, TriviaPlayOrPass! It was fate that brought them together one day at an after school program. They realized they had been playing against each other in TriviaPlayOrPass! Landon loves the witty, sarcastic fun he was able to have with Livy over the trivia questions, the fact that she saw LANDON, the goofy, trivia addict and not LANDY, the flirty, popular hockey player. Livy can’t believe she’s been playing THE Landon Holder in TriviaPlayOrPass!. On the game, they were just two people who’d never met, having fun over some trivia.

Connectivity thus far has been my favorite Aven Ellis novel, but I fell HARD in love with Landon and Livy. Livy had sworn off the athletes, those players who can’t keep their eyes on one woman, after having her heart ripped out in college by a boyfriend, but after one date with Landon, she knows he’s different. Yet she can’t force her feelings of her past out of her heart and mind, and that comes up to hurt both her and Landon a couple times. His dad hurt his mom when Landon was younger, and he vows to never treat a lady like that. He basically doesn’t date but has one night flings that mean nothing- no commitments, no settling down, until he finds Livy. So they both have pain when it comes to relationships, and it takes awhile for them to push their fears aside, but they realize they can’t be without each other. Livy wants to make a career out of making jewelry, and it was so sweet to see Landon be so supportive of her, and helping drive customers to her business.

Aven’s books have this wonderful quality about them, that allows you to simply lose yourself in her world, and find yourself smiling to yourself, sometimes shedding a tear, while reading. Her books are literally the BEST thing, like eating a cupcake with the perfect cake to frosting ratio, on a sunny and breezy Saturday with no cares in the world.

I loved that  we get to catch up with Bree (married and pregnant!) from Surviving the Rachel, and of course Beckett and Aubrey from The Aubrey Rules. If you’re looking for a wonderful romance that will leave you with a smile on your face for days, pick up one of Aven’s books right away! Trivial Pursuits is book two in the Chicago on Ice series and releases April 20, 2016!


*I received a copy of this novel from the author. All opinions are my own!*



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