Book Review

Book Review: Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater-Book III in The Raven Cycle-5 Stars


Man, this series is one wild ride. The story and world just keeps getting better book after book! Like the two books preceding it, Blue Lily, Lily Blue made me laugh, cry, terrified me, and enthralled me. I love this world Stiefvater has created, I love the raven boys, I adore Blue, and I fell in love with Mr. Gray and Jesse Dittley. In this novel, Blue accepts her non-psychic-ness more so than she had. It still stings to not be “special” like the rest of the women in her family, but she realizes that by being a “mirror” and amplifying paranormal aspects for others, she truly is special and can bend things essentially, to her will. She can cut energy suckers off, also.

I like to keep my reviews spoiler-free, but I will mention some things that happen without giving anything away. Blue’s mom has disappeared, She and Mr. Gray are in love, Greenmantle, (Mr. Gray’s previous employer) is the boy’s new Latin teacher….bad things happen, HUGE secrets are revealed, crazy things go on…this book is just a roller coaster! And it is seriously creepy and scary, but I can’t keep from reading. I devoured this one. I said it on the last review and I’ll say it again, I just love the relationship the boys and Blue have. I literally found myself crying at the emotional moments! Like Adam in the courtroom, Blue and Gansey’s almost pretend kiss. Ronan is still my favorite, I am liking Adam a bit better, and enjoying having Noah around more often!

I can not wait for the final installment in this series. My life is revolving around those raven boys, Blue, Glendower, and Cabeswater.

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