Book Review

Book Review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes-2.5 Stars



An active, life-loving, successful businessman named Will Traynor is now a quadrepligic confined to a wheelchair, who can do nothing but speak, turn his head, and wheel his chair with the limited use of one arm. He is grouchy, depressed, irritable, who has to be fed, bathed, and medicated all by someone else. Louisa Clark, eccentric, lovable, cheerful, recently unemployed, becomes a companion for Will. Not to tend solely to his medical needs, but, someone who can bring him friendship and contentment.


I’m acutely aware I will be in the minority regarding my thoughts towards this book. I simply did not enjoy it, well, it’s not meant to be an “enjoyable” book per say, but I found it boring. The only part I cared for was the epilogue. I found it redundant. I didn’t become emotionally invested in any of the characters. I only got watery-eyed while Lou was reading Will’s letter at the end. I respect Will’s decision and I applaud Louisa for stepping out of her comfort zone by traveling and going back to school. I can even appreciate the fact that while she was trying to help improve Will’s outlook life, he was, in turn, encouraging her to be stronger and more confident, even if she didn’t see it right off.

Louisa lives a comfortable life, with loving, albeit pesky, parents, and her granddad. Her sister annoyed me. She was a spoiled, know-it-all brat. I hated the fact that Louisa was expected to be the primary earner for the whole family. Will is understandably depressed, being confined to a chair and having to rely on someone for your every need. His father is a philanderer, his mother, spineless and rude, his sister, a snob. Nathan, Will’s medical aide, was someone I actually liked. He accepted Will’s decision but also appreciated Louisa for her efforts.

So while I respect Will’s decision, what irritated me is that he was so set in his choice, nothing, nor no one, could sway him, even when he had days of pure joy and happiness. I love Louisa for her “calendar of adventures,” for pushing Will to enjoy life and see that his wheelchair doesn’t define him. She was actually a likeable character, I just couldn’t get attached and relate to her. 2.5 Stars because the ending made it not completely horrible.


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