Book Review

Book Review: The Cake Therapist by Judith Fertig-4.5 Stars

the cake therapist



This was such a fun, heartwarming story!

Alternating between the mid 1900’s and today, The Cake Therapist tells the story of Claire “Neely” O’Neil, a baker with a penchant for sensing emotion through smells and flavors, and the Habig sisters-young, poor girls living in the 40’s. The flashbacks were confusing at times but once you saw how the two lives were connected it was perfect. Bad things happened in each of the time settings, and it was told in a way my heart ached, but the joy Neely gets from baking and “reading” people brought life and love to the novel. I love the imagery and emotions Fertig evokes with her storytelling. Neely has great friends and I loved how their relationships played out in this book. One of my favorite scenes was a cake tasting scene between a couple and the woman had a secret that Neely could sense through flavor-salt. As she added salt to each of the cupcakes, the woman finally revealed her secret.

The ending was incredible! i did not have it figured out until the last moment, but the connection between the 40’s and present day coming together was great. It was such a sweet novel  that shows how food can conjure up memories and mend friendships and relationships.

If you enjoy magical realism, I recommend this one!

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