Thursdays at Coconuts tells the story of 3 women- Alex, Suzy, and Hope, who are best friends and meet weekly at a restaurant called Coconuts. It was a fun, easy to read romance novel with a little bit of drama and suspense tossed in. Each of the girlfriends have their own very different problems- Alex is falling in love with a married-ish police officer who may or may not be a crazy stalker, Suzy’s fiance and her sister were caught in bed together the night before Suzy was supposed to get married, and Hope has two deadbeat hippie parents who mooch off of her every chance they get. Between the three of them each week, over countless glasses of wine and girl talk, can they rally together to help each other work through their dilemmas?

Overall an enjoyable story with several twists you don’t see coming. It’s a refreshing read with strong, successful women who lean on each other and understand the value of great girlfriends. You’ll laugh, gasp and cry with Alex, Suzy, and Hope as they try to find their happy ending!

I was gifted a copy of this novel by the author; thank you! All opinions are my own.