Book Review

Green Tea Latte To Go (Life, Love and Lattes #1) by Aven Ellis- 5 Stars

A hot, British, exotic vet- check

Duchess Kate loving blogger/concierge- check

Mini pigs with a penchant for Cheerios- check

A mixed up coffee shop order that leads to a perfectly imperfect romance- CHECK.


Aven has unique characters and story lines that are so detailed and engaging. Her books are the kind that just literally make your face hurt from smiling so much and your heart burst from all the romance. It’s so easy to get lost in Aven’s stories…even when I wasn’t reading, I felt myself drifting back to Brooks and Payton’s swoony romance with all the feels and I have to distinguish what’s fiction from reality! Her books are THAT good- you do not want to stop reading. It’s the perfect kind of romance book-ones that are actually believable and relatable but full of chemistry and great characters! I don’t know how Aven does it-literally every one of her books are filled with the right balance of love, friendship, family, perfect setting, entertaining and upsetting mishaps, and well-developed characters to the point where you feel like you’re right in the book.


“You are my sunshine, Payton…I never realized how the sun was missing in my life until you entered it.”


I received a copy of this novel from the author. Thank you!!

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