Book Review

Book Review: Cradle and All by James Patterson-3.5 Stars


Apparently this book came out many years ago and was just now re-released as a Young Adult novel. I haven’t read “the original” so I can’t attest to any differences but I did note some modern day references to Adele and Pumpkin Spice Lattes that I highly doubt were in the first publication! 😉

Two teenage girls are pregnant-both are virgins-one is carrying the son of God, the other, the son of Satan. How can you be sure? Which is which? These questions rest on the shoulders of Anne, a former nun turned P.I, and two priests, Father O’Carrell and Father Rosetti.

3.5 stars for the fact that I couldn’t put it down. It was original, frightening, and enthralling. BUT, it was frustrating. 3/4  of the book was way too drawn out, the alternating POV’s every other chapter got confusing and then you’re abruptly hit in the face with a huge twist only to have the book end in less than 15 pages. Seriously?! Overall though I did enjoy this novel. It was a crazy, unexpected storyline that terrified me and kept me wanting to know the truth. I demand a sequel!


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