After reading “Fallen Too Far” and falling in love with Rush and Blair, and all their friends on Rosemary Beach, I was anxious to get back to their world with “Never Too Far.” Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed. Blaire REALLY got on my nerves. I get that she has gone through SO MUCH CRAP in her life, but my goodness, a girl can ask for help without feeling ashamed or like a bother, come on! I hated that she was planning on keeping a secret from Rush but I guess I can understand it since his whole family hates her. He loves her, he keeps telling her that, but after the big secret that came out in the first book she can’t trust him or be with him. And even though he says she comes first, I didn’t believe it because his sister Nan is always there to mess things up. Full of secrets, heartache, and confused but sexy romance, this series is great so far, I just wish Blaire would have acted differently in this book. If you’ve read book one, be prepared for another HUGE secret that I think will take the series in a great direction. (Obviously the theme here are lots of secrets! 😉 haha!) Luckily, we have two more books about Rush and Blaire so I’m hoping for a happy ending with no more secrets!

My favorite thing about this book was Woods! He’s so sweet. I can’t wait to read the book about him.