Book Review

Book Review: See Me by Nicholas Sparks-4.5 Stars



I haven’t read Nicholas Sparks in a long time but “See Me” has been on my list for awhile and I’m really glad I got around to reading it. “See Me” strays from Sparks’s usual dramatic romance as this is a thriller as well.

Colin-a hunky bad boy with a reputation for fighting, he’s trying to get his teaching degree and turn his life around for good. He’s taken up MMA fighting to keep his anger in check, and studies hard in school.ย His criminal record was expunged but a certain detective, Detective Margolis, has made it his mission to check in with Colin regularly so that when he messes up the teeniest amount, Margolis can haul him off to jail.

Maria- a beautiful, intelligent, lawyer-a previous case involving domestic violence ending in multiple deaths has left her feeling dejected in her job. She’s stuck at a firm with a partner who sexually harasses her constantly, and her work load is never ending. It seems the only time she can relax is at brunch on Sundays with her loving tight-knit family each week.

One rainy night and a flat tire bring Maria and Colin together, but not reallyย in a good way at first! Thankfully, Maria’s younger sister Serena, a vivacious, social media butterfly, and outgoing party-goer, has classes with Colin and sets the two up.

Colin isn’t Maria’s type, but there’s something about his honesty and passion (and okay, he’s hot too!) that she can’t stay away from. Colin has great friends- Evan, who happens to also be his landlord, and Evan’s fiance, the epitome of a southern belle, Lily. I loved this friendship of these three almost as much as I loved Colin and Maria’s romance.ย The two fall in love quickly, but obviously, there’s bound to be some kinks along the way.

Unfortunately, one of Maria’s past criminal cases involving a family whose daughter was murdered is creeping back up. People are angry at Maria, blaming her for Cassie’s death. And they want revenge.

I alternated reading the print book and listening to audio (for the first time!) and really enjoyed it. The narrator of the audio was FANTASTIC- I loved how swiftly he could change the tone and voice for each of the characters.

While this had some of the blissful, relatable romance one can expect from a Sparks novel, it had quite a bit of mystery and suspense as well. I could have done with less fright and more romance. I didn’t find myself ugly crying at the love story part like I normally would at his novels, but I thoroughly enjoyed the thriller aspect and I was completely taken by surprise at the reveal, so I would recommend!



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