The conclusion to Rush and Blaire’s story was PERFECTION. 4.5 stars.

I still hate Nan, and I got really fed up with Rush because she is AN ADULT yet he couldn’t leave her alone and let her wallow in her self brought on pity. Yes, she’s had a crappy life. WE GET IT. Good lord after 3 books, we get that Nan has had it rough. It seems to her no one wants her. That’s no excuse for how she treats others and how she acts like a CHILD. Blaire also has had a crappy life yet she’s strong and treats others with kindness, putting everyone before herself even when they don’t deserve it. If Blaire really came first Rush would never put her in a situation where Nan could say even one mean thing to her and blame everyone else for how she acts. 4.5 stars because the drama with Nan was too over the top and I got extremely ticked off with how Rush constantly had to run and rescue her.

More secrets are exposed and some relationships are mended while others continue to unravel. Blaire and Rush’s relationship continues to have ups and downs as with the first book but I enjoy their *HOT* love story. Rush promised her forever… but promises can be broken. Will Blaire find her forever with Rush?

Looking forward to reading more in the Rosemary Beach series!! I am so invested in all of the characters I’ve met so far in Blaire and Rush’s stories.