Ove is different. He has his routines and he’s set in his ways. But there’s something about him that’s lovable!

A Man Called Ove deals with death, grief, and despair, but the tone of the book doesn’t feel dark. It’s also about hope, love, and forgiveness. You can’t help but love and be charmed by Ove no matter how incorrigible he may be! I loved all the characters in this book. You will sob, laugh, and roll your eyes the whole way through this book!

This novel is just inspiring and thought-provoking. It really makes you reflect on how you react and adapt (or don’t adapt) to changes and how you view life and those around you once you don’t feel like living anymore. But with persistent, incessantly annoying but caring friends, and a mangy ol’ cat, maybe Ove’s outlook just might change?