Ooh, another good one by CoHo! I LOVED Slammed. It was, of course, an emotional ride, like her novels usually are. Layken just lost her dad and her mom uprooted her and her brother from their home in Texas to Michigan.

Layken and her brother make friends with the neighbor boys immediately, a welcome relief after moving and not knowing anyone. But as Layken starts to fall for Will, a forbidden romance becomes the thing neither of them want, but can’t push aside.

Will performs slam poetry that is throughout the book and it’s incredible!

The heartache of what Will and Layken have gone through in the past doesn’t seem like it will ever get better, once she realizes the huge secret her mom has been keeping. This book made me sob, I was angry and heartbroken, begging for Layken and Will to find a way to be together. As per usual, CoHo’s books leave you breathless, heartbroken, and captivated by love all at once. Loved this one!