Before the villainous “off with their heads!” Queen of Hearts reigns, she was just a misunderstood girl who loved baking sweets. She didn’t desire royalty or marriage; she just wanted to have her very own bakery. But when foretold prophecies come true, we see a sweet girl become transformed into a merciless tyrant.

Cath loves baking delicious cakes, pies, and pastries. She want nothing more than to own her own bakery but her parents have other plans for her-to marry the boring, blubbering King of Hearts. At a party one night, Cath is surprised by Jest, the King’s handsome and fun jester who has yellow colored eyes and visits her window at night leaving trees and flowers in his wake.

The two begin a whirlwind relationship-visiting the Mad Hatter, narrowly avoiding the Jabberwocky, and discovering their fates from prophecies foretold by the Sisters. A magical, mysterious tale that gives insight to the sweet girl who is destined to become the ruthless ruler, the Queen of Hearts.

A must read for fans of Alice in Wonderland!