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Book Review: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty-5 Stars


This kept me hooked until the last page! Full of lies, suspense, drama, and hilarity, Big Little Lies follows the lives of several mothers and how their secrets can upend a small village.

Jane is the young, single mom of Ziggy who is just starting out at school. Jane makes friends with Madeline, an impeccably dressed woman who speaks her mind and loves drama. Madeline’s best friend Celeste is loaded with money and always gives the best presents. The three of them form a sort of clique after another mom at the school accuses Ziggy of bullying her daughter and tries to petition for him to get kicked out.

Celeste and her husband Perry seem like the perfect couple-wealthy, blessed with twin boys and an exquisite home, but what goes on behind closed doors is a different picture than the one they portray outside. Madeline’s ex-husband left her alone years ago with a young baby and is now remarried to a vegan, yogi, peace seeking weirdo who is trying to turn her now teenage daughter against her. Jane seems like a loner, with no friends or family in the area. She’s not well dressed or wealthy like the other moms, and she has a few weird quirks. Her son Ziggy does not know who is father is, and it’s someone Jane tries to forget because he was a terrible person. She begins to wonder if Ziggy is taking after him once she hears the bullying accusations at school.Β Everyone is dealing with their own problems and secrets which makes for an intricately woven story.

The novel goes back several weeks before the school’s annual Trivia Night,Β  with multiple witnesses each offering their account of what happened that eventually led to the death of a parent.

While it deals with sensitive issues, it’s still somewhat lighthearted and funny. A definite read if you enjoy Lifetime movies!



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