Point of Retreat picks back up with Layken and Will after Layken’s mom passes. Lake and Will are raising their younger brothers and still working on making their relationship last. But when a person from the past shows up Lake begins to question their entire relationship and Will must do all he can to prove to her his love is real.

I was really annoyed with Lake in this book. She was overly whiny and dramatic jumping to conclusions without giving Will a chance. I understand her hurt and doubt but she was acting like a child.

Eddie and Gavin are back and their relationship and friendship with Will and Lake is just awesome. There’s also some new characters involved, Sherry, and her daughter Kiersten who is in school with Kel and Caulder. They are hilarious and become instant friends with Will and the rest of the group.

You know it wouldn’t be a Colleen Hoover book without a scene to make you weep, and does Point of Retreat ever deliver on that! As relationships are tested and futures look uncertain, your butterflying emotions will be all over the place with this one.