Book Review

Book Review: The Gift by Louise Jensen-4 Stars


Louise Jensen is back with another psychological thriller after her awesome debut, The Sister!

Jenna has received a heart transplant and, going against doctor’s advice, has contacted the family of the donor. Jenna feels guilty but grateful over her second chance at life, because someone had to die so that she could live. As she becomes more involved in her donor family’s life, Jenna begins to question what really happened to Callie when she died.

When she begins having dreams and sensations of being in the donor Callie’s life, she starts to do some research into Cellular Memory. Can organs retain memories, and, once transplanted into another, show the recipient what it remembers? JennaΒ thinks so. She believes Callie is trying to show her something, and sheΒ is determined to get to the bottom of how Callie died. Jenna can feel, and see, Callie’s emotions and certain shocking memories. She’s on loads of medication to help her body not reject her heart, she’s having panic attacks, and becoming forgetful and spaced out so her friends and therapist don’t believe her. But as Jenna tries to understand more about Callie’s family, her past and her death, it becomes obvious some sort of foul play is at hand and someone wants Jenna to stop digging.

This was a crazy thriller with an ending I didn’t see coming!


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