Book Review

Book Review: Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines-4.5 Stars

Maggie, a girl who witnessed her father murder her mother and has since stopped speaking, because if she doesn’t speak, she doesn’t have to talk about that day… moves in with her mother’s brother Boone, his wife Coralee, and their son Brady who is the same age as Maggie. Brady is the hotshot school quarterback. He tells all his football buddies that Maggie is off limits, but she’s beautiful. She’s obviously a good listener, and has a kind face, so it’s not too long before one of Brady’s friends is trying to flirt with her.

West’s dad is dying of cancer. West is a big-time football star like Brady. He’s hot and he knows it, and could have any girl at the school. He puts on a front so he doesn’t show his hurt from watching his dad slowly die more and more each day.Β As West and Maggie begin to form a connection only the two of them could share, the line between friendship and romance becomes blurred. Maggie knows the pain of watching a parent die, so she’s able to be there for West when he just needs someone to listen and relate to his fears and pain.

Gosh, this book really tore up my emotions, I was sobbing so hard by the end! I really felt the pain and grief that West and Maggie were feeling, and the way they connected over such heartache was terrible and heartwrenching, but the way they helped each other heal and work through their pain was so sweet.

I can’t wait to read the next two books in this series!



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