Willa moves back to Lawton, Alabama after a tragedy strikes that leaves her feeling responsible and her mother not wanting her. She comes back to her Nonna, the only person she’s ever believed loved her. All she wants to do is put her past mistakes behind her and make her Nonna proud. If you’ve read the first book, you’ll remember Brady, West, Maggie, and Gunner, as well as others at the high school. Coming from a small town that is centered on football and those familiar Friday night lights, I really like the feel of this series. Brady, Gunner, and Willa were best friends when they were younger, before Willa’s mom moved her away. Now she’s back, grown up and gorgeous, and once again Brady and Gunner are vying for her attention. If you couldn’t guess, there’s gonna be a little bit of a love triangle, but only sort of, and I liked it. 😉

Brady has a wonderful family-two loving parents who support him and a great looking future in football. Willa’s mom had her young, abandoned her and left her at her Nonna’s, only to show up years later claiming she was ready to be her mom, but it was all a lie. The things her mother says and does to her broke my heart. Gunner Lawton’s family is THE family of Lawton. Filthy rich, but their house is full of hate. Gunner is keeping a secret that eats him up inside and has never felt love from anyone except his older brother. The wealth of his family doesn’t hold a candle to the compassion and acceptance he wished he had.


This series is substantially more tame than Glines’s other novels, but I still enjoyed the drama, emotion, and romance. This series deals with characters who have suffered so much pain and heartache at such a young age that desperately need someone to understand them and show what them love truly is. My heart was crushed and my emotions wrecked all over the place, but I loved every minute of it.