One day during a terrible flood, Aiden Price, 6 years old, vanishes. His body is never recovered and eventually his mother, Emma, has to declare him deceased. Emma ‘s life went into a tailspin. She became an alcoholic and tried to commit suicide. Now she’s healing, 8 months pregnant, and happily married.

10 years later, Aiden is found walking out of the woods. Where has he been for all these years? Who took him? What happened? All of these questions remain unanswered because Aiden isn’t speaking.  Based on test the doctors run and from the looks of him, the DCI has determined he was held captive in a small dark place. Why won’t Aiden tell anyone what happened to him? Is the abductor someone he knows, and he’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and wants to protect his captor?

The police are questioning every person who had contact with Aiden 10 years ago, but they’re unable to make a break. Emma’s marriage is suffering and she’s about to lose all control due to Aiden not talking-if he would just speak, this nightmare could end!

The beginning of the book seemed to drag on, but the ending totally redeemed it for me because the psychological aspect of this dark thriller completely messed with my mind and had me questioning everyone. You think you’ve got everything figured out and then you’re hit with another roller coaster twist. I kid you not, so much craziness happens in the last portion of the book, your jaw will drop in shock! The horrors you can imagine that Aiden went through were terrifying, and towards the end this book got insanely crazy. The amount of horrors that goes on in the last third of the book gave me nightmares! If you enjoy twisty, screw with your head fiction, definitely give this one a try!