Twisted Perfection follows after Blaire and Rush’s story in Rosemary Beach! This is Woods Kerrington’s story.

Through all of the “Too Far” books with Rush and Blaire, I always like Wood’s character. He just seemed sexy, sweet, and a little dark and mysterious. When he meets Della, they make it clear they are just in it for a one night stand. But neither of them can stop thinking about that night…

Della has suffered an abusive childhood and has witnessed something terrible that she’s running from, trying to see the world and live. Woods’ dad demands that he marry into another wealthy family to carry on the company. Woods doesn’t want to settle for a loveless, arranged marriage, but he can’t ever find the guts to say so and just walk away.

This story was HOT HOT HOTTTTTTT. I really love Blaire and Rush but I think Woods and Della just topped their story for me! It’s full of drama, heartache, and steamy scenes. The crap Della has gone through really messed with my emotions and made my heart hurt for her, but the sincere love and sweetness she experiences from Woods REALLY tore with my emotions! I loved it all!!