This was crazy! I’m still enjoying these fast paced Bookshots thrillers!

The House Husband starts out with a stay at home dad taking care of his children while his wife works. He loves staying home and taking care of his children and helping out his wife whom he loves dearly.

Homicide detective Teagan Beaumont has just come back to work after  giving birth to her son via c-section. She is still in pain but determined to jump back into her job. Her first day back she’s investigating a familicide- a case where it seems like the husband killed his wife and children and then himself. Something doesn’t fit right to Teagan so she starts researching and finds two other similar cases that happened recently in the area also. Are these really cases of husbands and wives gone mad or is someone trying to make it look that way and murdering all of these families?

With a crazy twist I didn’t see coming, The House Husband kept me hooked the whole time!