Bryn is a successful author who is currently facing writer’s block. She was in a fiery car crash in which the driver died while she survived. She’s struggling mentally, physically, and emotionally, and having terrible nightmares, and can’t seem to work on her next novel. Her husband Guy was great at first after the accident, but now it seems like Bryn is just an annoyance to him. A few days after hosting a catered dinner party, the chef turns up brutally murdered and secrets and confusion abounds. Bryn begins to distrust her husband after another murder occurs in town. Is Guy just becoming bored with playing nurse to the ailing Bryn while she recovers, or is something more sinister going on?
While this didn’t capture my attention like the Bailey Weggins series by the same author, I did enjoy the mystery and was completely surprised at the revelations throughout the novel and especially the ending!