Oh, what a gorgeous cover and exciting synopsis! Unfortunately, I was left slightly disappointed.

Amy and her mom (who she calls by her first name, Alexis) leave their home in Germany after some heartache and travel to Scotland where Alexis was raised and her grandmother still lives. Once there, Amy finds out her family comes from a line of book jumpers. They “jump” into books, making sure all is well within the story. They are not allowed to interfere with the plot, they are just there to check on things. I really liked the premise-I mean, how awesome does that sound, to be able to jump into your favorite stories and chat with Shere Khan from The Jungle Book or Peter Pan?!

Not long after Amy arrives on the island it becomes clear bad things are happening in the stories we all love. Main ideas that fuel the stories are being stolen-the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, the flower from The Little Prince, and so on. Amy is determined to travel through the Margins of stories to find the thief.

Unfortunately, this story ended up not exciting me as I was left with a lot of confusion and questions, and a lack of world building.