Book Review

Book Review: The Lying Game by Ruth Ware-3 Stars

Four friends-Isabel, Kate, Fatima, and Thea-haven’t spoken in years after tragedy and scandal struck their boarding school when they were teens. The girls were notorious among the other students and faculty for telling lies. It was a game to them, complete with points for who could come up with the most believable or outlandish lie.

But one lie they told has caught up with them and the truth has to come out somehow. Now in their thirties, the girls are reunited when Kate sends them all a text saying she needs them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really care for this book. The premise sounds great but this book bored me with the amount of drivel on pages that could have honestly been left out. It just drug on and on. I thought the characters were annoying, except for Fatima, and I found the ending disappointing. Overall this book was a let down. I did enjoy The Woman in Cabin 10 by this same author and will probably give her book In a Dark, Dark Wood a try.


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