Beauty Review: VIIcode Skincare-Oxygen Eye Mask

VIIcode (pronounced ‘vee too code’) is a skincare company that focuses solely on eye products. I have been trying out these Oxygen Eye Masks for a couple weeks now and wanted to share my thoughts!

These are meant to be worn while you’re sleeping, for up to eight hours, which is perfect for a busy mom like me! I do enjoy wearing eye masks during the day but running around chasing a toddler it’s just not practical to wear them and get the most benefits from them during the day.

The first time I tried these I was recovering from the flu and thought it was a prime opportunity to see how they work. They are super easy to apply, feel lightweight, stay in place, and are comfortable to sleep in. I was afraid I would feel them on my face and not be able to sleep but it wasn’t a problem at all. They stayed in the same spot all night even through my tossing and turning! My eyes definitely looked and felt tighter and smoother when I woke up and removed the masks! It’s also such a nice treat to apply these at the end of a busy, hectic day and enjoy how cooling and relaxing they feel.

Before application

Comfy and easy to apply!

After removing the masks


The box comes with enough masks for six treatments for $58 and you can use them three times a week. This is pretty pricey but they do a great job and feel wonderful once you apply them! According to their website, these eye masks claim to instantly refresh the skin, minimize visible signs of aging around the eyes, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and instantly moisturize and soothe under the eye area. I still have a couple packs left to try so I can’t yet attest to the minimizing of aging signs or fine lines but I have noticed that my skin is refreshed and my under eye area has stayed hydrated and smooth for days after using the masks.

Thank you to Elle with VIIcode for sending me these masks to try!

Where to find VIIcode:

Instagram: @viicodebeauty


Oxygen Eye Masks:





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