Product Review: Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

I was sent this product free from Influenster.

I love this mask! I’m obsessed with rose scented anything and this smells amazing, like a fresh bouquet, without being too strong. I have really dry skin so this two part sleeping mask is perfect because it has plenty of time to soak in while you’re sleeping!

Step one, the gel, which contains rosewater and damask rose extract, really hydrates and soaks in to the skin immediately. The second step, the thicker cream product, goes over top right after the gel and locks in all the moisture without leaving the skin greasy or feeling too heavy as it sits over night.

The combination of a wonderful smell and luxurious texture of the masks feels like such a treat to apply at the end of a long day! My skin felt softer and hydrated when I woke up.

The only downside is it retails for $50. I would not pay that price for a face mask personally but I do love this one and I’ll be sad once I’ve used it all up!

You can purchase this face mask at Sephora if you’re interested!

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