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Book Review: A Royal Shade of Blue (Modern Royals #1) by Aven Ellis-5 Stars

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I love the royals and I am obsessed with everything Aven Ellis writes so I was ecstatic when this landed in my inbox! Life has been crazy but I’m finally getting around to reviewing! It’s out now so make sure to get your copy!

Clementine Jones loves antiques and their history. When a mysterious British guy named CP sends her an Instagram DM Clementine doesn’t expect to be able to talk to him so easily, especially not knowing what he looks like. She’s able to reveal her biggest secret and turn to him for encouragement during a frightening time in her life, and she begins falling for him. But when CP finally shows her what he looks like, she can’t believe she’s been catfished by someone pretending to be a prince!

Clem and Prince Christian, or CP, dive headfirst into a relationship but of course they each have their baggage. Christian detests the traditional monarchy and the way his mother acts, as if being royal is everything. Her status means more to her than her family and Christian desperately wants to stay out of that rigidity. Clem’s family is very protective and overbearing due to a childhood incident and because of that, she feels trapped a lot of times and just wants to live her life on her terms.

I loved all of Christian’s family, except of course, his mother. Jillian, Clem’s flatmate, was also a favorite and I would LOVE for her to get her own story!

I absolutely adored this story. Aven has a way with words in all of her novels, but I could truly feel myself there with Christian and Clementine while traipsing around Oxford or lounging about with their dogs. Aven really does her research and I loved all the historical elements sprinkled about, including just the day to day life of a royal!

This was such a fresh, modern take on a royal love story! You will laugh, you will cry, and you will probably have an urge to watch Shrek after reading it! 😉 It’s light-hearted, warm, and funny and the romance is oh-so-sweet and sexy! I highly recommend!


*Book provided by the author in exchange for a review, THANK YOU!*


Book Review: Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout-3 Stars

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When Katy moves to West Virginia and meets her neighbors, sweet, friendly Dee and her brother-hot, rude, arrogant, HOT Daemon, she had no clue she was becoming friends with aliens.

Daemon was super annoying as was Katy for putting up with his crap. Otherwise, I really liked Katy! She is a book blogger and loves reading, she’s sassy and loyal. After her dad died her mom wanted to move, so Katy is grateful for Dee’s friendship- after a fresh start she needs a friend. I hated Daemon but the paranormal romance aspect kept me reading!

There are a lot of similarities to Twilight but instead of vampires we have aliens. The premise of the Luxen and their history was interesting and I liked how Katy became involved in their little group. The sci-fi battle and action scenes were awesome!

I read this in just a few hours while the baby was sleeping. It was fun and a quick read. If you’re looking for something light to enjoy for a few hours give this a try!


Book Review: The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn- 4 Stars

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Another fast-paced thrilling suspense! I loved it!

Anna is a recluse. She lives alone, and she can’t go outside. She spends her days creeping on her neighbors through a camera lens, kept company by wine and anxiety meds. Her family doesn’t live with her but she talks to her husband and daughter frequently.

When a new family moves in, Anna befriends their teenage son and soon after meets his mother. They hit it off immediately and Anna is thrilled someone wants to hang out with her, considering her unstable condition.

Late one night Anna sees something horrible happen next door through the window. She calls 911, and the next thing she knows, she is waking up in the hospital.

What really happened? Did all those bottles of wine and meds finally bring Anna to the brink of insanity? Did she imagine things? Surely, she can’t be trusted. But who can?

Anna is in a race against time to figure out what’s real and who is and isn’t what they seem. This high speed read kept me hooked for hours and the ending was such a shocker! It’s intense, emotional, and riveting; I highly recommend!


Opal (The Raven Cycle #4.5) by Maggie Stiefvater- 5 Stars

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Yay! A novel all about Adam, Ronan, and Opal! The Raven Boys is one of my all time favorite series, and Ronan is my favorite from the books so I am ecstatic that Maggie came out with this!

It’s just a short little story dedicated to Opal, Ronan’s dream world girl. I love this world in The Raven Boys and I’m so glad we got to revisit it through Opal’s eyes, and see glimpses of Ronan possibly dreaming up a new Cabeswater.

I loved this but of course wish there was more!

Book Review: Daddy-Long-Legs (Daddy-Long-Legs #1) by Jean Webster- 4 Stars

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This was such a lovely and interesting read, and outside my usual realm of reading!

Jerusha Abbott is living in an orphanage but is nearing 18 so her time is up. Being poor and parentless, she doesn’t know what the future holds but aspires to be a writer. When a benefactor of the orphanage gives Jerusha a chance to attend college, with the only stipulation being she must write him letters while doing her studies. When all she sees is his long legged shadow, not being given his name, she nicknames him “Daddy Long Legs.” Jerusha becomes Judy once in college, and she is strong, hilarious, smart, and witty. She definitely defied the norm of women in her day.

Along the way Judy makes lifelong friends and a possible romance but desperatly wants to meet the rich old man who gave her this great opportunity. Will she ever find out who Daddy Long Legs is?

This was a quick read and I absolutely loved it!

Book Review: There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins-3 Stars

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Well, this was a letdown. I was really excited for this one but it was rather strange. I think it was supposed to be scary but it was more so just sadistically weird and rather gruesome, especially for a YA, so it seemed odd.

Makani has moved from Hawaii to small town Nebraska and is hiding a dark secret. High school students are individually being murdered in gruesome ways, and as the body count gets higher, Makani fears for what might happen if her past is found out.

It was pretty gruesome but it wasn’t a frightening thriller which is what I prefer, suspense and thrill over gore. I did like the relationships between Makani, Ollie, and her friends and the revelation of the killer was interesting but I felt the overall ending and book as a whole fell flat for me.

Book Review: The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen-4 Stars

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The Wife Between Us is full of unexpected twists, bombshells, secrets, lies, and an unreliable narrator! Don’t think you have it figured out because most likely you don’t! This was such a good, twisted suspenseful novel.

Richard is the husband. There are two women, Vanessa, the ex wife who seems off the rails, and Nellie, seemingly young, fresh, beautiful, about to be married…

Vanessa is dead set on stopping Richard from marrying again. But who can we trust? What are the facts? Who is the manipulator, and whom the manipulated? Is Vanessa just a jaded, jealous, past her prime ex wife? There are so many questions you’ll have while reading and if you’re like me, find yourself getting a little confused at times but it was so worth it once I got to the big reveal. This was a great story with a unique twist I haven’t encountered in my readings yet! Highly recommend!

Book Review: Somebody’s Daughter by David Bell-4 Stars

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One night Michael’s ex wife Erica unexpectedly shows up at his house in a panic. Her 9 year old daughter is missing and she is begging Michael to help. Michael doesn’t understand why until Erica drops the bomb that her missing daughter is also HIS daughter!

Married at a young age, Michael and Erica have been divorced for almost 10 years. Michael is happily remarried, and his wife Angela is left shocked and stunned wondering what is going on. Erica was known for being dramatic and Michael has no clue what to believe, but he’s worried for this child’s life. Through the course of one night many secrets are revealed and there are twists coming at you so fast you won’t be able to put this one down.

Almost every character has a secret in this book and you will start to suspect everyone at some point but I did not have the mystery figured out until the big reveal.

Somebody’s Daughter is a thrilling psychological suspense that will keep you on your toes!


I received an ARC of this novel from Netgalley and Berkley Books. All opinions are my own! Somebody’s Daughter releases July 10th.

Book Review: UNSUB by Meg Gardiner-4 Stars

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UNSUB is a terrifyingly graphic, gruesome, intense, suspenseful crime thriller! This one kept me awake at night!

As a child, Caitlin Hendrix learned the horrors of an unsub who eluded the cops, mostly her detective father, Mack, for years. Dubbed “The Prophet,” this serial killer committed ritualistic, gruesome murders.

After a 20 year hiatus, more people are found dead bearing what looks like The Prophet’s signature. Could it be a copycat, or has he started killing again after so many years lying in wait? Fueled by this case and her father’s dedication to it, Caitlin is a narcotics detective but dives headfirst into the search for The Prophet. Her father is retired, but she feels so close to this case from childhood she feels she has a leg up and can stop this sadistic killer once and for all.

The Prophet is evil but intelligent and taunts law enforcement to the brink of insanity. More than once Caitlin is at risk for losing her life but she just can’t back down until The Prophet is stopped.

The thing I liked most about this novel is the fact there is a great plot and story-line between Caitlin and her father, as well as the history of The Prophet-it’s not just a play by play of the evil he’s committed. The characters are well thought out and developed also. The author has a way of writing about this sadistic serial killer that just makes your skin crawl but leaves you furiously turning the pages looking for answers! I highly recommend if you’re a fan of the show Criminal Minds and crime thrillers.


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