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Book Review: So Pretty it Hurts by Kate White-4 Stars

It’s been years since I’ve read a Bailey Weggins mystery and I was dying to get back to them! It’s just a fun mystery/suspense series with a kick-A heroine. Bailey covers true crime stories for a celebrity magazine called “Buzz” and she’s always in the midst of investigations, doing sleuthing on her own and trying to find the killer before the police do. In some novels that works for the main characters and in others it doesn’t, as the MC is an idiot who inevitably gets themselves in dangerous situations with no way out. Fortunately in Bailey’s case, it works. She’s pretty intelligent and is able to stay calm in scary situations and use her brain to come up with ways of getting back to safety.

In this novel, Bailey has joined her friend and coworker Jessie on a weekend retreat at the country home of Scott, a record producer. It’s a weekend full of being catered to by an in-house cook, massages, and guided hikes, and surrounded by pencil thin models and drug-addled musicians. When one of the models ends up dead over the weekend, Bailey is certain it’s murder, and not just a case of drug or anorexia induced illness. It becomes more apparent that Bailey’s hunch is correct because someone is trying desperately to throw her off course and get her to stop fishing around.
With the feel of a juicy tabloid, this mystery is an enjoyable, suspenseful ride!

Book Review: Killer Chef by James Patterson (Bookshots)-4 Stars

Killer Chef was a fast, fun mystery set in New Orleans. Caleb is co-owner of Killer Chef, a food truck that serves to-die for Po’ Boys. He’s cute, funny, flirty, and puts on the charm for his female customers. He’s also one of New Orleans best detectives, a job he’s working at more so than his food truck now, as couples out for a nice meal are poisoned and killed right at their restaurant table with no visible proof of food or drink tampering.
This little bookshot was definitely entertaining as you don’t have 50 pages of boring or unnecessary plot or dialogue- it’s fast paced and keeps your attention the whole time.

{Children’s} Book Review: God Loves Daddy and Me By Bonnie Rickner Jensen-5 Stars

This book is absolutely adorable. My husband and I are expecting in August and I couldn’t wait to show him this once it came in the mail! It tells the story of a little baby and daddy raccoon who love, play, pray, and do chores together, as well as show the love God has for us all. The pictures of the two of them together are precious! The baby raccoon even has a stuffed lion toy that goes with him everywhere. With beautiful illustrations and simple, quick to read sentences, this little book is great for daddies to read to their littles to remind them not just how much they love them, but how much God loves us too.

I received a complimentary copy of this book via BookLookBloggers and Thomas Nelson publishers.

Book Review:Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines (Rosemary Beach #5)-5 Stars

Twisted Perfection follows after Blaire and Rush’s story in Rosemary Beach! This is Woods Kerrington’s story.

Through all of the “Too Far” books with Rush and Blaire, I always like Wood’s character. He just seemed sexy, sweet, and a little dark and mysterious. When he meets Della, they make it clear they are just in it for a one night stand. But neither of them can stop thinking about that night…

Della has suffered an abusive childhood and has witnessed something terrible that she’s running from, trying to see the world and live. Woods’ dad demands that he marry into another wealthy family to carry on the company. Woods doesn’t want to settle for a loveless, arranged marriage, but he can’t ever find the guts to say so and just walk away.

This story was HOT HOT HOTTTTTTT. I really love Blaire and Rush but I think Woods and Della just topped their story for me! It’s full of drama, heartache, and steamy scenes. The crap Della has gone through really messed with my emotions and made my heart hurt for her, but the sincere love and sweetness she experiences from Woods REALLY tore with my emotions! I loved it all!!

Book Review: I Found You by Lisa Jewell-3.5 Stars

Three different stories: Alice, a single mum with three kids and three dogs, has a habit of taking in strangers to stay at her cottage. When she sees a handsome man looking lost on the beach, obviously she invites him in. He has no memory of who he is, he has no money, heck, he doesn’t even remember that you’re supposed to slice a bagel before putting it in the toaster….what?! He’s in a fugue state apparently, brought on by some traumatic event. Lily, a young Ukrainian woman is recently married to Carl, who doesn’t return home from work one evening. The final story takes place in 1993 with the Ross family on vacation, mum, dad, and teens Gray and Kirsty.  A local boy, Mark, takes an interest in young Kirsty, but he gives Gray bad vibes…

This story just fell flat for me. The reason for the 3.5 rating is the fact that I enjoyed the ending and how the stories and characters ended up being connected, it was actually pretty crazy! Otherwise it was slow moving and unbelievable. Alice has sex with “Frank” (lost memory man) without having a gosh dern clue who he is, if he’s married, she knows nothing about him! And I get the fact of losing memories like who you are, where you’re from, but to forget certain words or how to make a bagel, seriously? I wouldn’t really classify this as suspense or thriller like Goodreads has, but simply a mystery. There was a pretty scary and thrillery scene that had me on edge but that’s about it.

I received an ARC via NetGalley.


Book Review: The Girl Before by JP Delaney-1.5 Stars

There’s not much I can say about this one that won’t give away spoilers, but I didn’t like it. It was like a weird mystery, watered down version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Edward, an architect, has designed a futuristic, minimalist house on One Folgate Street. Its renters must adhere to dozens of rules. Edward is weird, but so are the women-Emma, from the past, and Jane, who is currently living there. Nothing seemed to fit or make sense, especially the ending when the mystery is “solved.” It wasn’t scary, just a little creepy and confusing, and the storyline seemed jumbled. If you’re looking for a good thriller, skip on this one.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

{Coloring} Book Review: Home Is Wherever Mom Is Adult Coloring Book: Creative Coloring & Hand Lettering-5 Stars

When I saw this coloring book available to request from Harper Collins/BookLook bloggers, I KNEW I had to request it as I love to color and I’m going to be a mom for the first time in August! This is a BEAUTIFUL coloring book filled with designs and hand lettered pages to color depicting real life motherhood, as well as bible verses and quotes. The pages are quite nice and sturdy, and perforated as well. This would be a great gift for a new mom, or a worn out mom just needing a break to relax and color. I’m in my second trimester and some days I’m so tired from work and growing a baby I can’t wait to prop my feet up and spend an hour coloring and relaxing!

Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for the chance to review this coloring book complimentary!

Book Review: Silent Child by Sarah Denzil-4 Stars

One day during a terrible flood, Aiden Price, 6 years old, vanishes. His body is never recovered and eventually his mother, Emma, has to declare him deceased. Emma ‘s life went into a tailspin. She became an alcoholic and tried to commit suicide. Now she’s healing, 8 months pregnant, and happily married.

10 years later, Aiden is found walking out of the woods. Where has he been for all these years? Who took him? What happened? All of these questions remain unanswered because Aiden isn’t speaking.  Based on test the doctors run and from the looks of him, the DCI has determined he was held captive in a small dark place. Why won’t Aiden tell anyone what happened to him? Is the abductor someone he knows, and he’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and wants to protect his captor?

The police are questioning every person who had contact with Aiden 10 years ago, but they’re unable to make a break. Emma’s marriage is suffering and she’s about to lose all control due to Aiden not talking-if he would just speak, this nightmare could end!

The beginning of the book seemed to drag on, but the ending totally redeemed it for me because the psychological aspect of this dark thriller completely messed with my mind and had me questioning everyone. You think you’ve got everything figured out and then you’re hit with another roller coaster twist. I kid you not, so much craziness happens in the last portion of the book, your jaw will drop in shock! The horrors you can imagine that Aiden went through were terrifying, and towards the end this book got insanely crazy. The amount of horrors that goes on in the last third of the book gave me nightmares! If you enjoy twisty, screw with your head fiction, definitely give this one a try!


Book Review: Under the Lights (The Field Party #2) by Abbi Glines-4 Stars

Willa moves back to Lawton, Alabama after a tragedy strikes that leaves her feeling responsible and her mother not wanting her. She comes back to her Nonna, the only person she’s ever believed loved her. All she wants to do is put her past mistakes behind her and make her Nonna proud. If you’ve read the first book, you’ll remember Brady, West, Maggie, and Gunner, as well as others at the high school. Coming from a small town that is centered on football and those familiar Friday night lights, I really like the feel of this series. Brady, Gunner, and Willa were best friends when they were younger, before Willa’s mom moved her away. Now she’s back, grown up and gorgeous, and once again Brady and Gunner are vying for her attention. If you couldn’t guess, there’s gonna be a little bit of a love triangle, but only sort of, and I liked it. 😉

Brady has a wonderful family-two loving parents who support him and a great looking future in football. Willa’s mom had her young, abandoned her and left her at her Nonna’s, only to show up years later claiming she was ready to be her mom, but it was all a lie. The things her mother says and does to her broke my heart. Gunner Lawton’s family is THE family of Lawton. Filthy rich, but their house is full of hate. Gunner is keeping a secret that eats him up inside and has never felt love from anyone except his older brother. The wealth of his family doesn’t hold a candle to the compassion and acceptance he wished he had.


This series is substantially more tame than Glines’s other novels, but I still enjoyed the drama, emotion, and romance. This series deals with characters who have suffered so much pain and heartache at such a young age that desperately need someone to understand them and show what them love truly is. My heart was crushed and my emotions wrecked all over the place, but I loved every minute of it.

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