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{Children’s} Book Review: Put On Your PJ’s, Piggies! by Sydney Hanson-3 Stars

Put on Your PJ’s, Piggies! is a sturdy board book perfect for reading to toddlers at bedtime. My son loved touching the glitter accented illustrations and kept saying “piggie!” while we read! My son definitely loves to play all day so he needs a nighttime routine to wind down just like the piggies do. The phrase “put on your pj’s, piggies” was repeated on every page even after they had their pj’s on which I found odd. Overall this was a cute book that my son enjoyed!

I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson and the Harper Collins Book Look Bloggers program in exchange for my review.

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{Children’s} Book Review: An Easter Prayer By Amy Parker- 5 Stars


An Easter Prayer is a cute touch and feel springy, Easter themed children’s book. There is soft, fluffy bunny fur, a smooth, silky chicks egg, and velvety flower petals to touch and feel.

Its colorful pages, different textures, simple sentences, and sturdy binding make this book great for little ones. This book is sweet and springy, and shows many fun things that we associate with Easter, but the true meaning of Easter is included in the text as well. This board book will be a great addition to my son’s Easter basket!

Thank you to Book Look Bloggers and Thomas Nelson for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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{Children’s} Book Review:How Do You Say Good Night?- 4 Stars

This is the perfect bedtime story book!


Zoey the Zebra goes all over the land to find out how different animal families say good night. Everyone has their own traditions that make it special and just right for their family. I think it would be great for older kids to read together with their parents and start a good night tradition of their own. Younger kids will enjoy it for the beautiful illustrations and clever ways to say good night! This book not only shows the different bedtime routines but the various ways to thank God for his blessings. It is a sturdy cardboard book great for little hands to help turn the pages.


I received a copy of this book from Harper Collins Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.


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{Children’s} Book Review: My Christmas ABCs (An Alphabet Book)-5 Stars


My Christmas ABCs is a beautifully illustrated book that gives an example of a Christmas themed item that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet. There is fun glitter detail on every page! My son loves touch and feel books and I think he enjoyed the scratchy, sparkly glitter in this book. It’s a sturdy cardboard that is great for little hands. There’s not many words on the page so it’s excellent for those with short attention spans!

The vibrant colorful illustrations capture little ones and make it fun to sit and read together. I only wish each letter example rhymed to make reading it flow better, but it’s still a nice book to read. It’s not overtly religious and preachy, but certain letters reference the true reason for Christmas and there are no references to Santa.

I am grateful to Thomas Nelson and Book Look Bloggers for a copy of this book! I’m excited to add it to my son’s book collection and look forward to reading it again and again as we get closer to Christmas!

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{Children’s} Book Review:Candy Apple Blessings by Maddie Frost-4 Stars

This fall themed children’s book, Candy Apple Blessings, is adorable! The illustrations are fun, vibrant, and beautiful! Fall is my favorite season so I wanted to be able to share that excitement in book form with my one year old as we read together and I start to teach him the seasons. This book tells some of the best parts of fall, from hay rides, to jumping in piles of leaves, with the reminder to thank God for our blessings! With cute rhymes and whimsical artwork on every page, Candy Apple Blessings is a great book for toddlers to enjoy looking through and for parents to enjoy reading together!

I received a copy of this book from Tommy Nelson and Harper Collins Book Look Bloggers. All opinions are my own!

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{Children’s} Book Review: Big Trucks Getting the Job Done Together-5 Stars


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Big Trucks: Getting the Job Done Together is a great, entertaining children’s book for younger ages. My almost one year old loves this book because it has the touch and feel aspect combined with vibrant illustrations! From rough and bumpy sand to smooth, rubbery tires, my son loves turning the pages and feeling all the different and exciting textures! It’s a fun short little story about working together to get a job done that is short enough to hold little one’s attention spans while the textures of the touch and feel keep them engaged and interested!
This is a great book for parents to read to their young children but it is also one that is easy enough for a young, new reader to practice reading!

I received this book via the Book Look Bloggers program in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to Tommy Nelson/Thomas Nelson publishing. All opinions are my own.