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Uncover the lives and loves of the FBI elite as they take on the toughest assignments.

If you like the show Criminal Minds or Blacklist this is the series for you! Step into the world of the Tactical Crime Division (TCD),  a specialized and tactical team of the FBI. This new miniseries features crime solving experts in stories spread across four books, each with its own crime case, and each title can be read as a standalone. 

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Here are the titles of the four books, and click here for more details and purchase info about each!

48 Hour Lockdown by Carla Cassidy

Secret Investigation by Elizabeth Heiter

Midnight Abduction by Nichole Severn

Running Out of Time by Cindi Myers


Thank you to Harlequin for letting me take part in this exciting launch! I’m looking forward to this series!


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Book Review: Ten Days Gone by Beverly Long-4 Stars

In the town of Baywood, four women have  been killed, each ten days apart. Detectives A.L. McKittridge and Rena Morgan know the killer’s pattern now, it’s just a matter of figuring out who the next victim will be. With only a few days before he strikes again, the detectives have to uncover what links these victims to the killer in order to save the next woman before it’s too late. I liked how the book showed different points of view from A.L., Rena, and one of the potential victims. Besides hunting for a murderer, both A.L. and Rena are dealing with issues in their personal life and have to balance those problems with work and their friendship.

This story was fast paced and full of suspense. This is the first book in the A.L. McKittridge series and I’m looking forward to more! Thank you to Beverly Long, Harlequin Trade Publishing, MIRA books and Netgalley for my advance copy! Look for it on February 18th.

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Book Review: The Whisper Man by Alex North- 5 Stars

“If your window’s left unlatched, you’ll hear him tapping at the glass. If you’re lonely, sad, and blue, The Whisper Man will come for you.”

HOLY GUACAMOLE YALL. This book was CREEPY!!!! I loved it!

Still devastated after the death of his mother, Jake and his dad Tom are needing a fresh start. They move into a supremely scary looking house in a town that was home to notorious child killer ‘The Whisper Man.’ Frank Carter groomed & lured his victims, young boys, with whispers. Now, another boy has gone missing, 20 years after Carter went to prison. Detective Pete Willis was on the original case and is now more determined than ever to catch this killer. Is he a copycat or Carter’s accomplice from so long ago?

When Jake claims he’s hearing whispers outside his window and is caught talking to himself, Tom worries if they’re in danger or if it’s just Jake’s imagination.

Equal parts suspense, thriller, and police procedural, this book will grip you from the first page! It is definitely a terrifying read; perfect for October!

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Book Review: Such a Perfect Wife by Kate White-3.5 Stars

Kate White brings reporter/wannabe detective Bailey back in her 8th book, Such a Perfect Wife.

I love the Bailey Weggins series! She is such a fearless, intelligent woman. In this novel, Bailey is reporting for online news outlet Crime Beat on location in Lake George, New York, where beautiful and well loved mother named Shannon has gone missing. Like all of Bailey’s adventures, she immediately is drawn to the case and makes it her mission to do more than just your typical news reporting. She wants to get to the bottom of Shannon’s disappearance, even if it means putting herself in harm’s way.

She strikes up a friendship with Alice, a local reporter, and the pair start working together to solve this mystery. But when they start getting too close to to the truth the killer intends to make them suffer and pay for what they’ve found out!

This story kept my attention through the very end. The many possible suspects and constant speculation made it more of a slower read than the others in this series and I didn’t find it as captivating as the previous books but I still enjoyed it!

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Book Review: Closer Than You Think by Lee Maguire-4 Stars

Someone has it out for psychologist Bryce Davidson. He’s already dealing with a messy separation from his wife, now someone is sending him threatening emails, breaking in to his house, and they know EVERYTHING about his life. Working in an institution surrounded by other psychologists, psychiatrists and patients, Dr. Davidson has a pretty big suspect list to pull from, but who could possibly hate him to this extent of revenge?

This novel started out a little slow, and there were so many characters and plot lines to keep up with but once everything started coming together towards the end it was awesome! Loaded with twists and turns, I was left in the dark just like Dr. Davidson about the identity of his stalker right until the very last second. This book is definitely creepy enough to have you glancing over your shoulder as you’re reading. Besides the thriller aspect, I really enjoyed the medical/psychological aspect, like the hypnosis and therapy of one of the patients, especially since the author has a  background similar to that of Bryce’s. It looks like this will be a series and I can’t wait to follow Dr. Bryce Davidson along on his next journey.

Thank you to TCK Publishing for gifting me a copy of this book.


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Book Review: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides- 5 Stars

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Alicia has been in a mental health facility for six years after shooting her husband in the face and refusing to speak since that fateful night. Theo, a psychotherapist, is enamored with her case, and convinced he can get her to talk. Told in chapters that alternate from past to present, with Alicia’s diary entries sprinkled throughout, readers are swept up in a story that is so shocking, confusing, and twisty, you will be at a loss of who to root for and who to hate. What happened to Alicia that has caused her to choose to be mute? Does Theo have ulterior motives or does he really just want to help her?

I love thrillers with unreliable narrators and this one doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. I didn’t have the twist figured out until it smacked me in the face and my jaw DROPPED! This book really puts you right into the mindset of the mentally ill and it’s quite frightening to experience what they are dealing with. This was a fantastic debut from the author and I highly recommend.

Do you like psychological thrillers? If you’ve read this one, what did you think?

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Book Review: The Dry by Jane Harper- 4 Stars

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The Dry captured my attention from the first few pages and kept me hooked for hours! I seriously could not stop reading because I had to get to the bottom of things. It’s dramatic and surprising with plenty of suspense to satiate mystery lovers!

Aaron Falk has returned to the small town where he lived most of his childhood until he and his father were ran out of town after a young girl died. Falk would have preferred to keep away but comes back for a funeral. Now in his late thirties, Falk and Luke were close twenty years ago and have only briefly kept in touch over the years, but Luke’s father insists Falk attend his son’s funeral.

Luke’s parents question everything regarding the deaths and Falk gets roped in to investigating financial records and the life and death of Luke and his family. Old secrets come back to the surface and Falk begins to realize not everything will stay hidden in a small town.

This novel was very well written and fast paced enough that you don’t get bored but it’s also not too fast to confuse readers. The only reason for the 4 star review is I wish the ending would have been a little more fleshed out with some more detail or an epilogue. Overall I really enjoyed reading it and I am looking forward to the next book starring Aaron Falk!


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Book Review: UNSUB by Meg Gardiner-4 Stars

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UNSUB is a terrifyingly graphic, gruesome, intense, suspenseful crime thriller! This one kept me awake at night!

As a child, Caitlin Hendrix learned the horrors of an unsub who eluded the cops, mostly her detective father, Mack, for years. Dubbed “The Prophet,” this serial killer committed ritualistic, gruesome murders.

After a 20 year hiatus, more people are found dead bearing what looks like The Prophet’s signature. Could it be a copycat, or has he started killing again after so many years lying in wait? Fueled by this case and her father’s dedication to it, Caitlin is a narcotics detective but dives headfirst into the search for The Prophet. Her father is retired, but she feels so close to this case from childhood she feels she has a leg up and can stop this sadistic killer once and for all.

The Prophet is evil but intelligent and taunts law enforcement to the brink of insanity. More than once Caitlin is at risk for losing her life but she just can’t back down until The Prophet is stopped.

The thing I liked most about this novel is the fact there is a great plot and story-line between Caitlin and her father, as well as the history of The Prophet-it’s not just a play by play of the evil he’s committed. The characters are well thought out and developed also. The author has a way of writing about this sadistic serial killer that just makes your skin crawl but leaves you furiously turning the pages looking for answers! I highly recommend if you’re a fan of the show Criminal Minds and crime thrillers.


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Book Review: The House Husband by James Patterson (Bookshots)-5 Stars

This was crazy! I’m still enjoying these fast paced Bookshots thrillers!

The House Husband starts out with a stay at home dad taking care of his children while his wife works. He loves staying home and taking care of his children and helping out his wife whom he loves dearly.

Homicide detective Teagan Beaumont has just come back to work after  giving birth to her son via c-section. She is still in pain but determined to jump back into her job. Her first day back she’s investigating a familicide- a case where it seems like the husband killed his wife and children and then himself. Something doesn’t fit right to Teagan so she starts researching and finds two other similar cases that happened recently in the area also. Are these really cases of husbands and wives gone mad or is someone trying to make it look that way and murdering all of these families?

With a crazy twist I didn’t see coming, The House Husband kept me hooked the whole time!

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Book Review: Killer Chef by James Patterson (Bookshots)-4 Stars

Killer Chef was a fast, fun mystery set in New Orleans. Caleb is co-owner of Killer Chef, a food truck that serves to-die for Po’ Boys. He’s cute, funny, flirty, and puts on the charm for his female customers. He’s also one of New Orleans best detectives, a job he’s working at more so than his food truck now, as couples out for a nice meal are poisoned and killed right at their restaurant table with no visible proof of food or drink tampering.
This little bookshot was definitely entertaining as you don’t have 50 pages of boring or unnecessary plot or dialogue- it’s fast paced and keeps your attention the whole time.